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Here’s how to break holiday drinking

Photo: Av-og-til


This week, school starts all over the country, and many people are going back to work and everyday life. – Take back your daily life, too, when it comes to your alcohol consumption, says Randi Hagen Eriksrud, Secretary General of Av-og-til.

Many people drink more alcohol in the summer. Av-og-til warn that holiday time for some will be the start of an alcohol problem, and is urging people to be extra conscious now in August.

  • Alcohol is addictive, and the attraction to alcohol after weeks of high consumption can be strong. For some, breaking the summer’s high alcohol intake will require disciplined work, says Eriksrud.

From consumption to abuse

Dependency problems usually develop gradually over time. Consumption is steadily increasing. The number of days you drink alcohol in a week increases, and you drink a lot in everyday life, not just on special occasions. The dependence on the regular alcohol supply becomes stronger and stronger.

  • The road from consumption to abuse is unfortunately shorter than we think, and it is easy to overlook or explain the danger signals, says Eriksrud.

These are danger signals you should be aware of:

You find it hard to stop drinking alcohol every night.

You find it difficult to fall asleep and relax without a glass of alcohol on board.

You can tolerate more alcohol before being affected now, than you did before the holidays started.

During the holidays, you have noticed that you drink more than those around you.

You did things while you were drunk that you regret or don’t remember.

You have noticed that others have responded to your holiday drinking.

Tips for taking control of drinking:

Get an overview of how much and how you drink.

Follow daily routines such as going to bed and getting up at set times. Have routines for physical activity.

Hard to say no? Be social without alcohol and avoid drinking situations during periods when you feel vulnerable.

Think about if and how much you want to drink before you are going to socialise.

Do not reward or comfort yourself with alcohol. Reflect on what makes you feel good.

Decide on a framework, for example, that you want more nights without alcohol than with, or try a “white month.”

Ally yourself with someone, it’s always good to have someone to rely on when changing habits.

Source: Av-og-til / Norway Today


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