Apple: iPhone warranty void after 500 charge cycles

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Difficult to complain on iPhone after 500 charge cycles

Does not want to fix iPhone for free after 500 discharges

Man was unable to use the warranty because iPhone his was discharged too many times. Now Norwegian committee requires Apple to get their act together. As maost people are aware Apple has decided to deliver their devices with non-replaceable batteries – to replace a battery therefore does not come cheap.


I charged it and the iPhone reported to be fully charged. I then pulled out the power plug and after only ten minutes it could be completely discharged, Magnus Rasmussen tells Dinside.

His iPhone 5 was at the time one year and nine months old, and had to be used as a landline phone – with the charger plugged into the socket. The phone was purchased from, and he brought it to Apple’s partner ‘Eplehuset’ to reclaim on the warranty.

Rasmussen was told that the battery had to be replaced, but that he had to pay. ‘Eplehuset’ claimed that the battery was used up.

The iPhone would only withstand 500 charging cycles, says Rasmussen, who has been through 566 such cycles.

He also contacted Apple directly – but they found the same number and came up with the same answer.

Rasmussen did not give up and is now receiving support from the Consumer Counseling Committee. They believe that Apple can not reject a complaints case solely based on a number.

The definition of a charging cycle

Rechargeable batteries do not last forever. And one way to measure wear is through charge cycles.

A charging cycle means having used up the entire battery. If you spend 60 percent one day before fully recharging, you’ve been through one charging cycle when you’ve spent 40 percent the next day. So a more correct term might actually be ‘discharge cycle’.

The battery in the iPhone will last for at least 500 of those, Apple writes on their website. And as Rasmussen found out, Apple and ‘their partners can refuse to give you a new battery for free after this limit is reached.

– I never knew this before I bought the phone. I would never have bought an expensive iPhone if I knew it could only withstand 500 discharges, says Rasmussen.

Apple gets scolded

Rasmussen took the matter to the Consumer Council, and on to the Consumer Code Committee (FKU). The committee may make binding decisions, which also determine legal practice in future conflicts.

Batteries are a wear part in electronics – similar to a brake pad in a car. So even if you have five years of warranty on an iPhone, you can not demand that the battery to lasts that long. But exactly how long a battery should last, there are no ready answers.

FKU has previously stated 2.5 to 3 years for laptops. They have also said that mobile batteries must last longer than 16 months. About Rasmussen’s iPhone, FKU states that the batteries in an iPhone should last longer than one year and nine months.

The committee points out that Apple could get away with such a short lifespan if they had “expressed reservations” regarding this, which they think Apple has not done. The committee therefore believes that Apple can not refuse complaints on an less than two-year-old iPhone’s just because it is discharged more than 500 times.

“The cellphone is therefore defective” concludes the committee, and require Apple to deliver a replacement iPhone to Rasmussen, free of charge.


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