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«Nora» to help teens fight social control

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The portal «Nora» is here to help teens fight social control

A web portal named after Ibsen’s «Nora» and Noora from the series «Shame» is intended to help youngsters who are exposed to negative social control.


Norwegian Minister of Education and Integration, Jan Tore Sanner, launched the portal on Wednesday. It is one of several tools available in the fight against negative social control.

“Every child and youngster has the right to live free and independent lives. With the portal, more learn about negative social control. They get to know more about their rights and who to contact for help,” Sanner states.

Negative social control is defined as various forms of control, pressure, threat and coercion that are exercised to ensure that individuals live in line with family or group norms.

Youth can read stories about how to live with negative social control, get information about what rights they have and who to talk to if they need help on «Nora».

The name of the web portal is primarily inspired by Ibsen’s Nora from the drama «A Doll’s House». Nora breaks out of marriage – a scandalous act when the play premiered in 1879. The character Noora from the popular web series «Shame», has been compared with Ibsen’s Nora. Noora incidentally means light in Arabic.

The web portal is part of the Norwegian Government’s action plan against negative social control, which in total consists of 28 measures.

“In Norway, it is the voices from the minority communities that lead the discussion about coercion and negative social control. These are courageous youths who confronts forced marriage, deprivation of liberty or social pressure. They have my and the Government’s full support. We will make sure that the girls and boys who come after them do not have to fight the same fight for freedom,” Sanner comments.

The action plan (intro)

The action plan is a four-year holistic effort to combat negative social control, forced marriage and female genital mutilation.

The plan has operational measures that can set more youngsters in Norway free from negative social control and coercion in different forms.

The Government will ensure that the protection of the individual is strengthened and that the preventive efforts are reinforced. Those who do not see any other way out than to break with the family – will have a good follow-up to cope with a different life.

This plan is aimed at everyone affected by the theme of negative social control, forced marriage and female genital mutilation, and especially employees in the relief services, decision makers and non-governmental organizations.


  • The name Nora is inspired by Ibsen’s Nora – and Noora from Shame. The name means light in Arabic
  • The web portal is a resource for both youngsters and for everyone who is in contact with vulnerable children and youngsters through their work or voluntarism.
  • On «Nora» you will also find links to teaching materials, tutors and other support tools that are of benefit to the support service.
  • The portal is being further developed with more support and learning resources for the support service, and information aimed at several target groups such as parents and newly arrived immigrants.


The Government has

  • Made an action plan against negative social control, made up by 28 action points.
  • Increased number of minority advisors in schools. At present, there are 38 minority advisors in 15 counties. 
  • Contributed by enhanced support for measures to change attitudes and practices in affected communities, through the work of NGOs.
  • Legal protection for vulnerable persons is strengthened, among other measures, by the possibility of withholding a passport for children and youngsters who are in danger of being left behind abroad or forced into marriage.
  • Mandatory parental guidance is introduced in the introduction program for newly arrived refugees. Ensuring that parents can be adequate support for their children in Norwegian society.

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