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Passport: Remember to apply for a passport in time!

Norwegian passport, Norwegian citizenshipNorwegian passport. Photo: Norway Today media

Summer vacation is approaching and for many that means a trip abroad is imminent. In the summer, the pressure is increasing on passport offices, and you should expect a wait. Therefore, you should apply for a passport as soon as possible and in good time before going abroad.

Several passport offices  are already experiencing  that they do not have enough spare time slots for pre-booked appointments for new passports until mid-June. There is limited opportunity for drop – in hours at many passport offices. Thus, not all who show up without having pre-booked time will have their application seen to.

The Police Directorate recommends that  anyone who needs a new passport before the summer holidays should pre-book an appointment for passport renewal as soon as possible.
Remember that tickets and passports must be issued in the same name. If you have changed your name, and your flight is issued in your new name, you must expect problems at check-in the if you use a passports with your former name. – My best advice is to check that both adults and children have a valid passport before you book vacation. This is a simple advice that can help prevent holidays potentially going down the drain, says Annar Bohlin-Hansen in the Police Directorate.

 To remember when applying for a passport:
Valid identification
Applicants must have a Norwegian identity number
Any proxies if you are applying for a passport for a child, such as proxy form (consent)
Previous passport must be submitted when applying for a new passport
Debit card (no credit cards) or cash payments for passport fees
Pass costs Nok 450 for over 16s
Pass costs Nok 270 for children under 16 years
You must meet up in person. This also applies to young children

Source: / Norway Today



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