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A Closer Look at Norway’s Beloved Pets

dog petsDogs are beloved pets in Norway. Photo: Spiritze /

Animal Loves: A Closer Look at Norway’s Beloved Pets

The relationship between humans and animals has long been recorded in the annals of history – and is something that continues to this day. In Norway, there are more than 470 thousand pet dogs and 770 thousand pet cats, according to The European Pet Food Industry

This isn’t to suggest that these are the only sort of animals that become pets in the land of the fjords.
So, what are the sort of pets that are popular in Norway today?

Different Dog Breeds

Dogs are a common fixture in the homes of pet owners, and Norway has a lot of different breeds which people can choose from, like the Norwegian Lundehund. In 2017, the Border Collie breed was declared the most popular in Norway by the Norsk Kennel Klub.
The Lundehund (lit: Puffin Dog) sports a unique feature, it has 6 toes on each paw!
Another unique Norwegian breed is the Elk Hound (Elghund).

Breed enthusiasts raise as much awareness and support as they can – quite akin to businesses seeking to attract customers.

As a result, dogs are often the preferred pet, as there is often a lot of readily available information online. All that information makes it easy for dog owners to find different practices, pet essentials, toys, and even food options available to care, treat and train your pets with.

Various Cat Breeds

In terms of pet cats, one can reasonably say that there are a lot of cat lovers in Norway. One of the breeds that are well-loved is the Norwegian Forest cat.

If people cannot get this particular breed, they try to obtain a Maine Coon -a breed that is thought to be quite similar in terms of looks, rather than their natures.

Norwegian Forest cat breeds are more on the lazy end of the activity spectrum, which suits a lot of homeowners that want a low maintenance pet. They can also be owned by those that are allergic to cats. It is, as the name suggests, a “wild cat”, but originates from domesticated cats.

Norwegian Forest Cat. Photo:

A typical Norwegian Forest Cat. Photo:

Unique Animals

Much like different places in the world, there is a market for unique and exotic pets in Norway. The main difference is that Norwegian laws are quite strict and forbid reptiles to be kept and sold. While the laws are slowly changing, reptiles are still on the forbidden list.

It is interesting to find Chinchillas, Ferrets, Pigs and even Sheep in households, as their chosen and much-loved pets. In other cases, horses and even donkeys are kept as pets, but not inside the house!

Pets can definitely bring colour into people’s lives, and that’s why they continue to feature in various households in Norway.
The sort of pets that people get really depends on the preferences of the pet owners.

This is one country where people can definitely see a close connection and vast appreciation for animals. Not to forget the joy that they bring into the lives of their pet parents.

This article is written by our contributor, Karoline Gore, to be shared with the esteemed readers of Norway Today. Karoline is a freelance writer and editor.

© Karoline Gore / #Norway Today
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