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5 Ways to Keep Up with Self Care During Recovery

Recovery Self CareWhether you are recovering from surgery, illness, injury or any other form of traumatic or exhausting experience, self care is an important thing to remember. Photo: Public Domain.


5 Ways to Keep Up with Self Care During Recovery

Whether you are recovering from surgery, illness, injury or any other form of traumatic or exhausting experience, self care is an important thing to remember.

It can be very easy to get caught up in trying to return to normalcy, especially if you have a career and family that you are anxious to get back to.

Tori Lotz

Katherine (Tori) Lotz is a Freelance Writer, Editor and Media Strategist.

While regaining control over all the areas of your life is definitely important, it’s vital to make sure you take some time for yourself to do things that help you relax and feel good, even if it can be hard to find the time.

Here are 5 ways to keep up with self care during recovery, even if you have plenty of distracting responsibilities to tend to!

Plan Ahead

Staying organized and planning your self care sessions ahead of time can make a huge difference in making sure you actually follow through with them.

By saying things like, “I’ll be sure to do a face mask this week,” you are leaving things too open ended and it becomes easy to push it off. Before you know it, weeks will have gone by and you still won’t have gotten around to it.

Find spots in your schedule that are flexible and secure a time to practice self care. Then, make sure you treat it like any other solidly scheduled appointment or responsibility by declining any other plans during that time and making sure you adhere to the schedule.

It may not be the most romantic part of self care, but it makes sure you stick to it and actually have that opportunity to relax and treat yourself.

Make a Playlist

Many types of self care have room for a nice playlist to really enhance your experience and make it more personal.

Take some time to put together a playlist that fits you and the mood that you are aiming for, whether that be fun and upbeat tunes or calm, relaxing music that can help you unwind.

Not only will this help you make the most of the experience, it will also keep you excited as you plan it. By putting in specific effort (making the playlist, buying any supplies, etc.), it makes the plan much more real and the likelihood that you will follow through goes up.

Plus, having playlists ready for a variety of occasions and needs is always something that can come in handy in the future!

Schedule Professional Help

Though you are probably already receiving professional aid that is directly related to the health and medical side of your recovery, it doesn’t necessarily need to stop there.

Therapists, naturopathic physicians, athletic trainers and lifestyle coaches are just a few examples of people who can really help to speed up your recovery on a mental, spiritual and physical level outside of the typical treatments you may undergo.

Though personal finances can come into play with a lot of these services, most providers will offer free, brief consultations where you can discuss your personal situation and they can work with you to either find a schedule and price you can manage or point you in the direction of someone else who can.

Remember that professionals are here to help you, and it’s in your best interest to take advantage of that aid as much as you can.

Brainstorm Easy Ideas

One of the easiest ways for a plan to fall through is by making them too elaborate or time-consuming, even if the overall goal is relaxation.

If you’re already finding yourself struggling to maintain your self care plans, it’s probably best to stick to smaller ideas that you can more easily stay on top of without having to rearrange to many plans or responsibilities.

This means planning an at-home pampering session with a bath, candles, face mask, etc. instead of a getaway weekend trip, for instance.

To top it off, it’s much easier to enjoy your me-time guilt-free when it’s inexpensive, simple and not too time-consuming.

Practice Saying “No”

This one can be difficult, especially if you’ve already been leaning on loved ones through the tougher parts of your journey.

Saying “no” can be hard for many people on a good day, but wanting to repay your support system for all they’ve done for you can make it harder. That said, it’s important to remember that you aren’t yet finished with your journey and that you need to take care of yourself to fully heal.

If friends and family want to make plans when you have your self care scheduled, politely take a raincheck. If your place of work tries to schedule something for that day, respectfully see if there is a way to reschedule.

The people in your life will likely understand, and as long as you decline obligations kindly, they are unlikely to have a problem with it. Plus, you’ll be back on your feet much sooner if you allow yourself time to really rest and recovery before being a superhero again.

In Summary

No matter what you are recovering from, it’s important to take a moment to realize that you overcame the hardship and need to focus on healing.

While keeping up with medical responsibilities and getting back into your normal responsibilities is part of that, self care is something that should never be forgotten.

Make it easier to prioritize your self care by planning ahead, making playlists to keep you excited, scheduling any professional help you may need, brainstorming attainable ideas that area easy to stick to and making a habit of saying “no” when people ask too much.

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This article is written for Norway Today by Tori Lutz. Tori (Katherine) is a Freelance Writer, Editor & Social Media Strategist.

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