Sick on vacation – what now?

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Many experience being sick when you’re on vacation, whether it’s a broken leg or a powerful (summer) flu. This is rather unkind, but it may be the not control yourself.

Fortunately, these are not vacation days lost for good. If you get sick on your holiday, you are entitled to postpone the days you are sick until a later date. But it is required that you see your doctor and get a full medical certificate (partial sick leave and self-certification will not apply here) and that you report this to the employer “without undue delay” as soon as you are back at work.

Wherever you are in the world?

It does not matter where in the world you are considering the right to receive vacation days you lose, as long as you can document the illness by a physician. However, what they need to be aware of is that you basically are not entitled to sick pay if you are outside our borders. However, according to EEA regulations have nevertheless entitled to sickness benefits if you are located in an EEA country when you get sick. Are you on holiday in a country not covered by the EEA Agreement will first be entitled to sick pay from you are back in Norway and have gotten sick from a Norwegian doctor. Many employers, however, agreed that the employee receives sick pay the appropriate days.

Subjecting all or part of your holiday?

If you fall ill before the holiday begins, you can choose whether you want to expose it with the days you are on sick leave, or whether to postpone the entire holiday until later in the holiday year. But the claim must be lodged employer no later than the last day you would have had a job before the holiday starts, if you choose to expose the whole holiday. If you only wish to postpone the vacation days you are on sick leave, the same rules apply as when you become ill after your holiday has started.

If you do not require to postpone your vacation, or if you do not visit the doctor for a medical certificate, calculated during that settled in its entirety. If you are still sick when holidays are over in that case the employer period starting on the day you should be back at work.


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