Study: – Cranberry Capsules don’t help against urinary tract ailments


An old folk advice against urinary tract infection has no effect, concludes a new study. US researchers have tested the effect of cranberry capsules on residents in nursing homes.

For decades, research has yielded conflicting answers as to whether cranberries can prevent the very common infection, which particularly bothers many women.

In spite of the many studies that suggest the effect of the berries has been questioned, both manufacturers and some doctors recommend cranberry juice or – capsules against urinary tract infection.

A new study that was published Thursday in the American medical association magazine Journal of the American Medical Association, gave no evidence that cranberries can help.

The study is compelling, writes Journal in an editorial, and notes that it is time to move on and pursue another treatment.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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  1. Interesting, but the image is not of cranberries but of red currents – quite different!

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