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Test your hearing online!



HLF launches an online hearing test

HLF (Hørselshemmedes Landsforbund) launches an online hearing test at hø and as mobile app. The test is a low-threshold offer for more people with impaired hearing to seek help.

On May 23th, HLF launched an online hearing test – Hø

It is also available as an app in iTunes and Google Play under the Hearing Tester (Hørselstesteren). The hearing test is a low-threshold offering that allows everyone to test their hearing easily and discreetly.

– A low-threshold hearing test in Norwegian without commercial bindings has been a shortcoming.

 We hope that most people will take the hearing test and that those who need it, seek help. The test will hopefully contribute to increased awareness of hearing, says project manager Chris Lyngaas in HLF.

Karolinska Institut

The test was developed by the Research Institute Hørselsbrønn in Sweden – owned by HLF’s sister organization HRF – and is based on research from Karolinska Institut in Sweden. It’s a speech-in-noise test where you will perceive words in noise. The method is reliable and proven.

The test is “translated” to Norwegian in collaboration with Professor Jon Øigarden at the audio graph studio at NTNU.

The test makes use of Øigarden’s updated Norwegian speech audiometry and is recognizing a set of 10 common Norwegian multilingual words in noise. The development of the test is supported by funds from ExtraStiftelsen.



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