SV wants to manufacture vital medicine in Norway


Sosialistisk Venstreparti (SV) will produce life-prolonging medicine in Norway

SV has found a clause in the international patent agreement that allows Norway to license the life-extending medicine, Spinraza.


Since October the 23rd, one of the world’s most expensive drugs, Spinraza, has been the subject of intense negotiations between the Norwegian authorities and the producer, Biogen. At the same time, around fifty Norwegian patients with the lethal muscle disease, Spinal Muscle Atrophy (SMA), have become increasingly sick.

Now, Nicholas Wilkinson of SV wishes to license the medicine in Norway with compulsion to do so. He put forward the proposal as an emergency response to parliament, reported Dagbladet newspaper.

SV has found a clause in the TRIPS International Trade Agreement, which deals with the possibilities for compulsory licensing of a drug product. That is, Norway produces the medicine itself and pays the manufacturer.

“I think those with SMA-sickness have been waiting long enough. It is time to use all the legal means Norway has for securing our citizens this medicine,” said Wilkinson.

If the negotiations do not take place, the law states that a country can “force” the company that has the copyright to give up the patent on the drug if a national pharmaceutical company can produce the drug.

Biogen has not wanted to comment on the matter before Monday’s meeting in the decision-making forum, where the introduction of the medicine in Norway will be an issue for the fourth time.

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