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Toilets closed for the winter in Norway

Toilets restroomWinter Closed Toilets at Kolomoen. Photo: YTF


Toilets closed for the winter along the Norwegian roads

Along the roads of Norway, the public meets closed toilets as they enter rest areas. This is particularly problematic for professional drivers, says the Association of Professional Drivers (YTF).

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is responsible for the rest areas along Norwegian roads. Despite the fact that the standard of the toilets should entail use through the year, it is a widespread problem that they are closed during the winter.

Head of YTF Logistics, Jan Arne Laberget, believes that the Norwegian Public Roads Administration deprives a whole working group of the opportunity for predictable visits to the can during their working hours.

“Tens of thousands of freight and bus drivers have the road as their workplaces in Norway. It is neither pleasant nor healthy to have to hold back for several unnecessary miles just because the Norwegian Public Roads Administration closes many of the opportunities that professional drivers literally have at their disposal,” he states.

Works for improved access to toilets

“Most people take for granted that the workplace is adapted for access to toilets. Professional drivers are often dependant the offer from the authorities and private actors when we are out on assignments. Then it is particularly desperate that the largest player along the roads chooses to close for a prolonged period of the year,” Laberget continues.

He has no doubt about the reason behind the winter closure.

“The restrooms are of such a standard that they can be used all year round, but the Norwegian Public Roads Administration saves money on ploughing and maintenance. They do so at the expense of anyone who is travelling on the road and the occupational drivers’ working conditions,” a stated Laberget concludes.

Want more round the clock rest areas

The Federal Leader of YTF, Jim Klungnes, believes that the winter closure of picnic areas will be particularly problematic when the development of round the clock rest areas are in the blue.

“Along the Norwegian roads, there is a large need for round the clock rest areas where long-haul drivers can take their law-imposed breaks. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has prepared a plan for the development of round the clock rest areas, where the aim is that there will be 90 such available in 2023. They are very far behind schedule, in order to achieve the goal 8-10 such area must be established every year from now on. In 2018 we got three,” Klungnes states.

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