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Website will help in fight against hate speech

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Adult responsibility for counteracting hate speech was drawn attention to when the government launched a new campaign against net based ‘hate speech’ on Monday.


‘Adults have a lot to learn. As parents, we are responsible for being good examples both online, and in how we speak at home,’ said Solveig Horne of Fremskrittsparti (Frp), the Minister for Children and Equality.

Together with Knowledge Minister, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen of Høyre (H),she presented the website on Monday. The site includes information, tips and advice for young people, and adults, who are subjected to hate speech.
One of the tips is to report illegal hate speech to the police.

Present during the launch in Bergen was the blogger, Amalie Olsen, who, in connection to the campaign ‘ikkegreit’, had drawn hate speech on her body.

‘It was important for me to exterminate this campaign because, like many, I get ‘hate’ and it doesn’t get seen on the outside. By drawing these words on my body,

I show that I carry all the bad words with me every day’, she said.


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