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Why More Young People are Choosing to Start a Business

business young peopleThere are definetifly perks assoiciated with being your own boss. Photo:


Why More Young People are Choosing to Start a Business

We all have to earn a living, and while some of us love our jobs, there are others who just don’t fit the mold. There is now an increase in the number of millennials starting their own businesses, and there are many reasons why. Being your own boss is something that appeals to most of us, but it is not without its risks. Here is a guide to why more young people are choosing to start a business.


Starting your own business offers you a greater deal of flexibility. While there is work to be done, there are more options as to when, where and how you work. When you run your own business, you make the decisions. You can hire people or outsource some tasks you find demanding, allowing you to get on with the more enjoyable tasks. This can help create the ideal balance between work and personal life.

Access to Education

There is now more access to education, giving young people the option to learn about something they are specifically interested in. For example, it might be a business qualification from Suffolk Online that has been gained alongside regular employment. There is a choice of courses that can be taken online, allowing students to learn at their own pace, as well as traditional courses that students attend.

Online Business Growth

The growth of the internet and computing technology has made it easier to run a business online, rather than a bricks and mortar office or store. Young people with specific skill sets can create a website and sell their services, or create an online store and sell products. There is little expense in setting up an internet business, making it something that most people could try if they want to.

Greater Creativity

When you start a business from scratch, you don’t just have a single job to do. It gives people the chance to hone their skills in different business areas such as marketing, financial planning, as well as deciding what steps to take to grow their business. This level of creativity makes running your own business enjoyable, and brings a sense of achievement when efforts pay off.



Resources for Entrepreneurs

There are many ways that entrepreneurs can be helped when they start their own business. As well as the reams of advice and information that can be found on the internet, there are business loans and grants available to help with the financial side of things, and coaches and mentors to give business advice. There are also community forums where entrepreneurs can get advice from each other.


Young people who start their own business often do so because it is something they enjoy doing. Some businesses may begin as a side-income that became more successful than the earnings made in a regular job. In this information age, there is more help and resources available to entrepreneurs than ever before, and with new markets evolving, the number of start-up businesses is sure to grow.

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