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180 employees to lose their jobs when the rig is shipped out of Norway

Stena DonStena Don.Photo: Jeanne Kornum / SCANPIX


All of the 180 employees working on the rig Stena Don will lose their jobs when its sent to Scotland to be installed.


According to Sysla, employees will be terminated from 1st of December.

“It is very sad that we must terminate the Norwegian crew. It’s one of the toughest decisions I’ve taken in my career.”

“However, how the market is now, we had no other choice. There were no temporary solutions to offer, either.”

“We must ensure that the company is run in a healthy manner,” says Erik Rønsberg, Managing Director of Stena Drilling.

It is not yet decided what will happen to the employees at the company’s Bergen office. Headquarters is located in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Stig-Rune Refvik, Deputy Speaker in Safe at Stena Drilling, says he is shock by the decision.

– It is a shocking experience to hear of this outcome. To see so much talent just be tossed aside, says Refvik to Sysla.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today


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