Airbus has put in place measures that would have prevented the Turøy accident

TurøyHelicopter accident at Turøy.Photo: Tor Erik H. Mathiesen / NTB Scanpix


There are security measures that would have prevented the helicopter accident at Turøy, according to Airbus Helicopters.

– Everything we do now should have been done earlier,” CEO of Airbus, Guillaume Faury, told TV2.

The Super Puma helicopter crash on Turøy west of Bergen last April was probably due to the same mechanical defect due wear and tear that caused a similar accident outside Scotland in 2009.

17 recommendations for safety and maintenance measures were already issued for this helicopter model after that accident, TV2 reports.

The recommendations of the British Accident Investigation Board were not followed up properly, according to Faury.

– But what we do now is necessary after what happened in 2016. If we had done it before, we would have prevented 2016, but there was a lot we did not know, Faury said.

The accident on Turøy occurred on April 29th last year. Eleven oil workers and two pilots were on board the Super Puma helicopter which was on its way from the Gullfaks B platform.

Everyone died when the helicopter crashed as a result of the helicopter’s rotor falling of. The same thing happened in Scotland seven years earlier. Then 16 people lost their lives.

Both accidents were triggered by a failing gear.

– We see clear similarities between the fracture we see here and the breach that was found after the accident in the English sector in 2009, says Director General of the Norwegian Civil Aviation Commission for Transport, Kåre Halvorsen.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today