Almost 60 employees of Ello in Kristiansund may lose their jobs

Minister of Industry Monica MælandOslo.Minister of Industry Monica Mæland. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Close to 60 employees in personal care factory Ello in Kristiansund are in danger of losing their jobs. On Monday morning the Board of Orkla will decide whether the production  is to be moved  to Sweden.

In a meeting with Minister of Industry Monica Mæland about Orkla on Tuesday 19 April about moving the production ,  union representative Unni Garberg said that Ello is an enterprise that needs to be run at a profit, and that the employees are ready for change and efficiency measures in order to save jobs in Norway.
Garberg  also handed a letter to the minister on the issue supported LO, Industry Energy and Norwegian food and beverage Workers’ Union.
Mæland was puzzled as to why it should be necessary for Orkla to move the jobs and production to Sweden and requested a meeting with the group as quickly as possible.
– This is a large and important company who employ many people in Norway. The Government is very concerned that Norwegian jobs are preserved and further developed in Norway. I will ask specifically about the rationale for their strategy. If the reason is that they do not think the conditions for running their business at a profit in Norway are good enough, and that they need those to be improved in order to stay in Norway, then I want to hear what they feel is currently lacking, she then said to the website Industri.
The Government is currently working with the Industry Report, and is keen to keep and create new jobs.
– Because of this, we find the signals from Orkla very troubling. Our goal is to strengthen Norwegian business through a good framework, and that you now also will get to benefit from low interest rates and a weaker krone, the minister said last week.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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