Analysis supports Norwegian battle fleet of 53 F-35 aircraft

F-35F-35 model .Photo : Per Christensen / NTB scanpix

An analysis from the Intelligence Service and the Defence Research explains why it is necessary that Norway buys 52 US F-35 fighter aircraft.

Newspaper Klassekampen is familiar with the contents of the analysis, which is used as the basis by the Defense Ministry. Here the fighter purchase is justified with three main models: The first model is a scenario where Norway is in a full conflict with Russia.

This requires according to calculations a full fleet of 52 aircraft, and involves attacks inside Russia.

In the second scenario, the Air Force is handling a momentary crisis in Norway, while twelve aircraft are allocated for NATO operations abroad. The latest model is the operation of combat aircraft weapon in peacetime.

State Secretary Øystein Bo Ministry of Defence writes in an email to the newspaper that the tasks fighters will solve, have remained unchanged since 2008.

– The parliament’s decision in 2012 to begin the main acquisition also built on these. Later updated analyses have confirmed that the number of aircraft we need to address these challenges is in no way diminished, rather the contrary, writes Bo.

The analysis according to the Secretary of State is based on “what is the mininum we need to keepthe level of air control that the Norwegian land, sea and air forces are dependent on to operate in the encounter with the type of weapon and technology we stand over, and so that our allies have the opportunity to help us “


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today