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Bama sounds the alarm: The worst strawberry crisis ever

strawberryThe Norwegian strawberry season is upon us!. Photo:


Fungus attacks have destroyed more than half of the strawberry crops for the farmers in Agder and Rogaland. Bama estimates that they have produced 40 percent fewer berries than planned nationally.

– We have never seen cases like this before. This amount of damages has never happened for berries as we have seen right now. We have lost about 40 percent of our planed strawberries season on a national basis and it has major consequences for manufacturers and anyone who sells berries said Roger Utengen category manager of berries in Bama to NRK.

Norwegian strawberry production starts in the south and it is also where they have been hit hardest by Fungus attacks so far. The fear is that the fungus has become resistant to used plant pesticides .
– We do not know what to do and are very interested in finding out what happened. The plants can become resistant and we have seen in other countries. This industry partners must figure this out together, said Utengen.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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