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Beer sales continue to drop at Rema 1000

BeerBeer.Photo: Norway Today Media


Beer sales at Rema dropped in January and continued to decrease in the following weeks, according to recent figures. Meanwhile, the main competitors, Kiwi and Coop Extra, experienced a corresponding growth in sales.

Rema has long been in a supplier fight with the breweries Mack and Hansa. The last four weeks beer sales at Rema have dropped by almost 5 percent compared with the same period last year. According to figures from the market analyze- and poll agency AC Nielsen, that E24 has been granted access to.

Meanwhile, Kiwi experienced an increase in beer sales of close to 11 percent, while sales growth has been a whopping 22 percent for Coop Extra.

Kiwis market share on beer sales is now higher than Rema’s, with 25.6 percent against 21.8 percent for Rema.

– We are still in negotiations with several local suppliers. Goods will reappear in the local stores when agreements have been made, and we look excitedly forward to show this to our customers. We look forward to say more about this when the products are in the shops, category manager for beverages in Rema 1000,Tormod Rasten, says.


Source: BT / Norway Today


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