Biofuel targets reached a few years before time

CarAt the Car Repair Shop.Photo: Frank May / NTB scanpix

The government wanted last year, for 20 percent of all fuel sold in 2020 to be biofuel. New numbers show that the target has already been reached.


The right, FRP, Left and KrF decided in this year’s state budget that the biofuels stake should be 10 percent from the new year, up from 8 percent this year and thus 20 percent in the next two years. Norsk Drivkraft can state that the 20% target has been filled this year, writes Dagsavisen.

– “Preliminary figures from the Directorate of Taxes show that for the first nine months of 2017, turnover has increased to 21 percent of the total volume of fuel sold,” says Secretary-General Inger-Lise M. Nøstvik. “Already last year, biofuels accounted for 14 percent, in a year when the political goal was 5.5 percent,” she says.

Statistics from the Environment Directorate confirm the growth in biofuels. In 2015, 188 million liters were traded in Norway. In 2016, more than doubled to 423 million liters of a total fuel sales of 4.2 billion liters.

Recent figures from Statistics Norway show that emissions of greenhouse gases from road traffic fell by 3.6 percent from 2015 to 2016.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today