Christian organizations collected 724 million in mission contributions in 2016


Gift revenues increased in ten of the largest Christian organizations in the past year, although their purchasing power fell.

Altogether, 14 Christian organizations collected 724 million last year, a rise of 3.2% on the year before. Gift revenues fell for four of the organizations. These were figures the Christian newspaper, Dagen, obtained from the head offices of 14 major participants in Christian Norway.

‘It is interesting to see that contributed earnings grew at approximately the same pace as inflation, and that they didn’t fall in a time of declining purchasing power’, said economics professor, Ola H. Grytten to Dagen.

‘This is a trend that goes against the de-Christianization one might get the impression exists in other fields. It may indicate that the faithful throng is as keen, and just as big now as it was a few years ago’, said the economics professor.

The three organizations that make the most money from donors are the Misjonssambandet (Norwegian Lutheran Mission), Det Norske Misjonsselskap (the Norwegian Missionary Society) and Strømmestiftelsen (Foundation).

The figures are not an overview of contribution receipts from the whole of the Christian community in Norway. For example, the Salvation Army didn’t yet clear its figures for last year. Nor did the Pentecostals or the Indremisjonsforbundet (The Inner Mission Association).


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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