Circle K increases gas prices

Circle KCircle K .Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix


The Circle K petrol station chain has set a new petrol price record. On Tuesday, the price of 95 unleaded rose with 19 øre to NOK 16.67 liter.


The reason for the price jump is that the purchase prices for gasoline and diesel have risen, following a rise in oil prices and a strengthening of the dollar, writes E24.

– “The indicative prices have never been as high as now. But the price of the pumps varies with the competition,” said the press press spokesman Knut Hansen.

The price jump comes only four days after the previous one. On Friday, the chain’s guide price of 95 lead-free increased by 8 øre per liter to 16.48 kroner.

The reason is that prices at the refineries, where Norwegian gas stations buy fuel, have increased significantly.

According to the gasoline actors, taxes and fees amount to around 60 percent of the fuel prices. Where as the purchasing price amount to 30 percent, while the operators remain with about 10 percent of the price themselves, to cover expenses for transportation, operation of the stations and a certain profit.

Prices for petrol and diesel vary from station to station, linked to local competition. But higher purchase prices will help lift the pump price.

“The price of the world market has risen sharply, and it reflects the rise in prices now, alone,” says Hansen.

On May 17, the North Sea oil Brent rose to over 80 dollars for the first time since 2014, before it fell slightly. On Tuesday, oil prices were back above the 80 dollar barrel.


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