Easy to cheat in Norwegian tollroad booths

tollOslo.Toll.Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB scanpix

With a tollroad Autopass transponder for an electric car placed on the windshield, you can pass through Norwegian tollroad booths with regular diesel and petrol cars, but still only pay electric car tariffs.

Documents Motor in a report Friday. Motor writes that they used Autopass transponders for electric cars in a fossil car for one week, and passed through tollroad booths in several places in Eastern Norway.

In Oslo it costs NOK 75 to drive a diesel car in and out of the tollroad rings around the city during rush hour. Electric cars usually pay nothing at the country’s more than 300 tollroad stations and booths, in some a fraction of the tariffs for gasoline and diesel cars.

The Road Directorate and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration have for many years known about the weaknesses in toll collection. They own Autopass, which is the toll collection system the companies use.

Neither Autopass nor toll companies regularly control which type of car uses which piece. Autopass hopes to have a new computer system in place by 2021.

Director Stig Skjøstad in NAF demands that the transport authorities clean this up.

– “The Roads Directorate must clean this up right away. The toll system must be foolproof against abuse,” he says.

The NAF director also asks that motorists not to try to cheat the system while the roadside agencies work on removing the possibility.

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