Environmental organizations want passenger fee for empty aircraft seats

Norwegian DreamlinerNorwegian.Photo Norway Today Media.

If airlines have to pay a fee for empty seats as well, there will be fewer half-empty planes and thus lower emissions,  Norwegian environmental organizations believe.

Naturvernforbundet and two other organizations have sent a letter to the government in which they propose a number of amendments to the recently introduced air passenger tax,  Aftenposten writes. In addition to the fee for empty seats, they say the fee needs to be increased for long overseas trips.

– It is very good that the fee has been introduced, but the way it is designed means that everyone pays the same, regardless of the length of their journey . The natural thing to do would be to make the fee differentiated, so that longer journeys also mean larger fees,  Technical Manager Holger Schlaupitz in Naturvernforbundet says.
Jørgen Næsje (FRP), parliamentary secretary in the Ministry of Finance, rejects the proposals.
– Parliament has adopted an air passenger fee which only includes the seats that are paid for. The government has no plans to change the way the tax is arranged, he says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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