F-35 contracts for the Norwegian defense industry

F-35F-35.Photo: Ned Alley / NTB scanpix


US authorities have awarded Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace and AIM Norway, contracts for maintenance of components for the F-35 aircraft.

The contracts will begin in 2021, says CEO Eirik Lie of Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace.

  • “This maintenance contract represents an important positioning for future maintenance of the F-35. That means we will be part of the European and global network for supporting the F-35 aircraft,” he says.

According to Secretary of State Tone Skogen of the Ministry of Defense, the Government has worked purposefully for Norwegian industry to win in the competition for contracts that support F-35’s weapon system.

  • “It is gratifying that Norwegian industry has proved to be competitive also in terms of maintenance assignments for our new combat aircraft,” she says.

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