Fewer Norwegians buying undeclared work

Pay for black workOslo.Pay for black work.Photo : Berit Keilen / NTB scanpix


14 percent responded that they have paid for undeclared work in the past two years in a survey. This is almost ten percent fewer than in 2009, when 23 percent reported having bought undeclared work.

Among those who reported not having made use of undeclared work, ten percent said that they had considered it according to the survey, made by Opinion for the Tax administration and Cooperation against the black economy,  the online newspaper Nettavisen writes.

Five percent reported that they themselves had done undeclared work during the past two years. Cleaning and joinery are the services most often paid undeclared, followed by transport, mechanic and painter work.

Tax Director Hans Christian Holte believes that attitudes towards undeclared work are changing, but that there is still much that needs to be done to make it easier for individuals and businesses to act correctly.

– One of the things we are working on is simplifying the reporting. We inform about the regulations, such as the buyer will have a shared responsibility for any evaded taxes and duties when paying over 10,000 kroner in cash.

2,007 people were  interviewed in the survey, which was made in May and June this year.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today