Government increases whale fisheries quota


Fisheries Minister Per Sandberg will back the whaling industry.He has set a catch quota of 1,278 whales in 2018.


Last year’s quota was 999 whales, while the catch was only 438 animals. That number was the lowest for many years, according to the Ministry of Industry and Fisheries.

“I hope quota ratios and pooling of catchment areas will provide a good starting point for a good fishing season for the whaling industry,” said Per Sandberg (CFP) Minister of Fisheries, commenting on why he is now increasing the quota.

In a press release, Sandberg’s department reported that the decision is in line with calculation models prepared by the International Whaling Commission (IWC). According to the government, these models ensure sustainable capture.

“Norway has a viable whaling industry, despite zero subsidies, and Japan is the only market outside Norway. That is impressive. I want to make sure that the whaling remains alive. Whale meat tastes good and it is good for health’’, said Per Sandberg.

‘Vågehvalen’ Whales have been the foundation of Norwegian whaling since the 1920s. The species is not considered threatened, but Norwegian whaling has nevertheless received international criticism from animal welfare watchdogs.

In September 2017, the EU Parliament recommended that Norway stop all commercial whaling.

‘’Despite an international ban on commercial whaling, Norway has killed 13,000 whales since the IWC’s ban on commercial whaling took place in 1986, the European Parliament stated.


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  1. Pedro J Alfonso y Capin | 6. March 2018 at 17:11 |

    The difference between Whales & Dolphins and/with Humans; is, they do not have appendages such as fingers, and their vocal chords have been developed to a lesser degree! Plus probably living in the most harsh environment The Sea!Still they chose not to move on to dry land!

    If many neanderthal men/women were living today would you be hunting and eating them?

    The Vikings of the past like many cultures developing in throughout the world were BARBARIANS! nothing more developed than a ravaging predator!

    Those predators today alligators, raccoons, and Tigers have no way to reach for a higher spiritual sense beyond this Human Realm!

    Even Old Norse in the harsh environment ravaging the forest, and the Ocean for food……they began the Quest for a Higher Divine Meaning…O-D-I-N!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know the Danes were like the Japanese slaughtering Whales and Dolphins but not the descendants of the Vikings’s Cradle!

    Warning!!! If I was The Creator of Life on this Planet….. which is done through evolution some times randomly….I would have Mercy, Patience, and Tolerance towards a carnivorous animal which preys on other animals for their subsistence! They do not have the appendages nor the means to plant/sow and reap!

    How ever a creature made to the Likeness of Me IF I was the Creator….what matter of recourse or sound judgement do Humans have for their behavior? If I as The Creator had a “price” for those well behaved…. all animals would have it! Humans would have to prove to me they deserve it!

    S-T-O-P S-L-A-U-G-H-T-E-R-I-N-G Whales and Dolphins if you want to Reach Heaven! If not? then burn in hell! The ones choosing the right Path to Heaven once there; will have. no memory of those going to Hell! So I worry for you sinners today in this Life…after I leave it…I WILL NEVER REMEMBER YOU EXISTED!!!!!!!!!!!

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