Half of all properties cut for sale in last 20 years

ForestForest.Photo: Norway Today Media

During the last 20-year period, 62 000 forest properties sold timber at least once. In 2015, timber was cut for sale on 14 000 forest properties.

The activity level varied considerably between the counties. In 2015, forest owners in the county of Hedmark were the most active; 23 per cent of forest properties carried out commercial roundwood removals. In the western part of Norway, less than 5 per cent of the forest properties had commercial removals and in the northern part of the country the figure was even lower.

Low activity in western and northern parts of the country
Most of the forest properties without any timber for sale in the last 20-year period are small. A substantial part of them are located in the western or northern parts of Norway.

Average property size 55 hectares
In 2015, there were 128 100 forest properties with a productive forest area of 2.5 hectares or more in Norway. The average property size was 55 hectares. The total registered productive forest area amounted to 7.1 million hectares. A total of 33 500 of the forest properties are owned by a person who also runs an agricultural holding. In 2015, average commercial roundwood removals per property were 720 cubic metres.


Source:   SSB / Norway Today