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Ice cream manufacturers expect record sales on May 17th

Norway's national day in Oslo.17mayNorway's national day in Oslo.17may.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix


Kroneis is the favourite, but ice lollies, soft ice cream cones and flavoured ice cream are also high in popularity among children and adults on May 17.This year, Hennig-Olsen and Diplom-Is expect record sales.


‘’We sell 8 to 9 million kronor of ice cream in connection with May the 17th,”said Paal Otto Hennig-Olsen, CEO of Hennig-Olsen ice cream company, to Nationen newspaper.

The Nordic region’s oldest ice cream producer expects to sell approximately 60 million kroner’s worth this week.

“We expect sales to be amazing this year, if it turns out to have the best weather we can believe on May the 17th. The weather is very important for how much we sell,’’ said Hennig-Olsen’s spokesperson.

Diplom-Ice is also counting on record sales. In the past ten days they have sold 22 million ice creams.

“This year it will be extra special, when May the 17th and Pentecost fall on the same weekend. It happened two years ago too, and then our sales broke all records.It seems that it will be even better this year,” said Anne Borgen Sturød, Marketing Director of Diplom-Ice, to Nationen newspaper.

In total, according to Nationen, more than 30 million ice creams are sold in connection with Norway’s ‘National Day’.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today