Slow increase in digital newspaper subscriber

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The Media organisations will announce subscriber growth and says user payment is the future, but amongst those who are not already digital subscribers only one of six  are interested in becoming one.

In the Media Survey, which will be presented Thursday, it emerged that 46 percent already have access to a digital newspaper subscription, write newspaper Klassekampen. Among those who do not have a digital subscription,  58 percent said they “are not particularly interested” in acquiring one and 16 percent say they are “very interested” or “fairly interested”.
– One may fear that those who are not interested in subscribing to a digital version are those who get their news in ways other than through newspaper channels, and therefore lost to the newspapers, says Pål Andreas Mæland who was responsible for the survey. Mæland, who is also a journalist with the newspaper Bergens Tidende, thinks it is positive that as many as 46 percent said they have access to a digital subscription.
An interpretation of the numbers is that the market for digital newspaper subscriptions is becoming saturated, but Mæland also sees another explanation, that he has as much faith in.
– We may see the same sluggishness in the online newspaper trend that we see in all the technological innovations: It takes time to get everyone converted, but eventually they will .



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