It is 50 percent more expensive in Norway than in the rest of Europe

Grocery store Price Test food price wagesGrocery Store. Photo: Norway Today Media


The price level of goods and services in Norway is 50 percent above the level in the EU countries and in the rest of Europe.

Figures show from the purchasing power index to Statistics Norway (Statistics Norway).

Sweden is 21 percent more expensive than the EU average, while Denmark is 41 percent more expensive. Iceland is more expensive than Norway with a 54 percent higher price level. Poland, for its part, is 40 percent cheaper than the EU average.

If we compare directly with Sweden, the price level of food alone is 35 percent higher, while measured against Denmark, the food is 26 percent more expensive in Norway.

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3 Comments on "It is 50 percent more expensive in Norway than in the rest of Europe"

  1. My question is why? Is it government regulations or taxes? Is it the shipping and distribution? Is it a lack of Norwegian companies producing with Norwegians consume? This is unfortunate…

    • My honest opinion is that the food in Norway is monopolized. There is no room for competition. That is why you always see the same aples all year round.

  2. Everything is extremely expensive in norway, it’s ok for educated people with a good income, but the one’s that do the heavy work are paid little, don’t have full time job and can’t afford to live alone. It creates a huge social gap.

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