Man took a taxi from Copenhagen to Oslo – didn’t pay the bill


A man in his 40s hailed a taxi in Copenhagen in 2017 and arrived in Oslo in 2018. Then he stuck from the bill.


Just after 01:00 Monday, the police in Oslo received a call from a not so happy taxi driver. After a six-hour drive from the Danish capital to Abildsø in Oslo, the Norwegian customer had not paid, writes VG. It had reached 12,500 Danish kroner.

– “When they arrived at the address, the inebriated man went in to his apartment. Taking a taxi from Copenhagen to Oslo is a costly affair, so I understand why the driver contacted us,” says operations manager Vidar Pedersen from the Oslo police district.

The police got in to the apartment and found the man asleep in bed.

– He was awakened by the police. He is very drunk, but we are now in the apartment and he is trying to pay by credit card so this will be cleared up, “said Pedersen. The police have no explanation as to why he took a taxi on such a long journey.

In total, the taxi passenger had to pay close to 18,000 Norwegian kroner for the taxi trip through three countries.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today