No guarantee against having to pay the passenger fee twice for one trip

The airline NorwegianThe airline Norwegian.Photo: Norway Today Media


Norwegians traveling with different airlines on the same trip, may have to pay the passenger fee twice – if the companies do not find a solution. The charge will be introduced on Wednesday.

The way things look now, you may have to pay the fee twice if you are flying with both SAS and Norwegian on your trip or if you are to continue your trip on a guided charter.
This is because there has been no system established to ensure that   travelers who  transfer from the plane of one airline to the plane of another during their trip only need to pay the disputed tax once.

It is the airline that is liable and responsible for paying the correct fee It is also the airline that are responsible for deciding how their customers are to pay the fee,  the tax authorities informs.
– Tax Administration does not have a system in place to ensure that transfer travelers  only pay the fee once. An airline that require exemption from flights where the passengers are transferred from the plane of one airline company to the plane of another, has to be able to prove that it is correct, you NTB illuminated.

The Ministry of Finance has also confirmed to NTB that those who have to pay the fee have to establish a system themselves if they wish to invoke the exemption from payment. Such agreements are permitted, but has not been put in place by the Ministry.

– Missing system
This means that any system or arrangement that can provide a solution to the problem of passengers having to pay the fee twice has to put in place by the airlines themselves.
– It just shows that this tax has not been been properly elucidated. Collecting the fee. will create lots of red tape . And it could mean that those who travel  via airports such as Gardermoen, have to pay the fee several times.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today