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Norway are behind in the cloud

vmware cloudPat Gelsinger, CEO of vmware. Photo: vmware


Norway are behind in the use of cloud services

Norwegian companies invest less in cloud services than the Swedes and Finns, according to a survey by VMware and Tieto.


The majority of businesses move only the simplest services into the cloud, writes Finansavisen.

– Generally, only a few take the step all the way into the cloud, says the head of VMware, Angeliqua Ramming-Gaden.

In a survey made by VMware and Tieto, the use of the cloud by Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish companies is reviewed.

– The Development is moving in the right direction in all three countries, especially among Norwegian businesses and the public sector. But Norway is still the weakest in comparison with our neighbours, says Ramming-Gaden.

80 percent use some cloud services

In 2015, almost 50 percent of Norwegian businesses used cloud services. Two years later, the proportion is closer to 80 percent, but:

– Unfortunately, few go all the way and move critical infrastructure, even though this is more cost-effective, more flexible, faster and safer, says Ramming-Gaden.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today