Nuclear cleanup in Norway can cost 20 billion kroner

nuclear reactorThe nuclear reactor at Kjeller.Photo: Morten F. Holm / SCANPIX


Demolition of the nuclear plants in Halden and Kjeller and subsequent work could cost around 20 billion kroner, a new report shows.

“There has been limited reactor operations in Norway, but we have complicated facilities and waste that will cost a lot. The report shows how costly and long-term reduction can be. The proposed measures will help to make the cleanup as efficient as possible,” said Minister of Industry Iselin Nybø (V) in a press release.

The nuclear reactor in Halden was closed in 2018, while the reactor at Kjeller was closed in 2019.

The new interim report shows that demolition of facilities and restoration of the areas will cost around 7 billion kroner. At the same time, costs of around 13 billion kroner will be spent on the treatment of spent fuel and the storage of radioactive waste. It is emphasized that there is considerable uncertainty about the costs.

Work on the cleanup is expected to take around 20-25 years.
“We will clean up to protect ourselves from harmful consequences for people and the environment from the radioactive radiation from this past industry. The investigation is part of the puzzle that is now being put in place to ensure a safe and effective cleanup. It will be considered thoroughly and planned to be addressed by the government in the autumn of 2020,” said Nybø.

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