Sandberg wants to double the fishing quota for tourists



Fishery Minister Per Sandberg proposes to double the amount of fish that tourists are allowed to take with them when they leave Norway.

Today  tourists are allowed to  bring  15 kg fish across the border at the maximum, but in a proposal which will soon  get an inquiry, the Ministry of Fishery will propose to increase the amount to 30 kilograms,  parliamentary secretary of the Ministry of  Fishery, Ronny Berg (FRP) informs the fishery magazine Fiskaren


The proposal also includes a suggested registration scheme for tourist fishing enterprises, and that companies will get criteria they will have to use and adhere to in reporting their hauls.

Kjell Ingebrigtsen in Norwegian Fishermen’s Association says he is in favor of the proposal as long as it can help to make visible the real amount of fish caught by the tourists .

The Fishermen’s Association has long signaled that they want a journaling of all the fish that are brought  ashore in connection with tourist fishing.



Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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