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Scientists surprised by positive trend for fish stocks

Reine i LofotenReine in Lofoten.Photo: Marianne Løvland / NTB scanpix


A new study shows that the amount of fish in the Northeast Atlantic has increased since the historical bottom level at the turn of the millennium. Growth is so great that researchers are surprised.

From 2007 to 2015, cod stocks in the Barents Sea and the Atlantic increased by 71% and 104% respectively wrote NRK news.

‘’What surprises us is how quickly stocks can be rebuilt’’ said researcher Fabian Zimmermann at the Institute of Marine Research.

He and the German researcher, Karl Michael Werner, are behind the report published in the journal, ‘Frontiers in Ecology and Environment’.

Strict management regulations are one of the reasons for the growth.The Norwegian-Russian fishing co-operation,which has been operative for over 33 years, has,through agreements,regulated quotas and fisheries management.

The EU Fisheries Commission has also set ambitious goals for sustainability.

But the researchers are clear that even though an improvement is recorded, the goal has not been reached. Zimmermann pointed to rising sea temperatures as a problem for species that have adapted to a life in cold water, as the cod have done.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today


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