Stricter control of employees at airports

Anundsen overrule the police and forced through asylum reboundsMinister of Justice and Public Security Anders Anundsen ( Progress Party ).Photo


There will be stricter control of employees who have access to security restricted areas at Norwegian airports.
With a new regulation CAA gets the opportunity to require accreditation to those who will be working on such restricted areas at airports, informs the Ministry of Transport.

Accreditation means that police checks if the person is registered in the police records. In addition, the matter will be submitted to PST. The assessment shall only put importance on information that is of relevance to safety.

CAA cannot be given the information that underlies the response from police.

– We know that lack of security at airports can have fatal consequences, says Justice and Emergency Minister Anders Anundsen (FRP) as justification for the new control.

The requirement for accreditation is in addition to the requirement of an approved background check and applies both in recruitment and for those who already have an approved background check.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today