Environmental speed limit has no effect

carCar in traffic. Photo Norway Today Media.


Environmental speed limit has no effect on the environment

A study shows that the environmental speed limit introduced in Oslo costs society NOK four billion, but the effect is nihil.


Students at the Norwegian School of Business and Economics have examined the impact of the environmental limit in Oslo from 2004 to 2015, and concluded that it has no effect on the environment. This writes Aftenposten.

The Master’s thesis comes at the same time as the Norwegian Public Roads Administration announces that the environmental limit will be enforced as of November 1.

The students emphasize that when the speed limit is reduced from 80 to 60 km / h, actual speed decreases only by 5.8 km / h, which does not affect local contamination. They also conclude that Oslo’s socioeconomic loose  NOK 4 billion every winter the environmental limit is enforced

– We have estimated that 60,000 cars spend 40 seconds more on average. With an hourly price based on what a Norwegian worker is left with after tax, and if we estimate one and a half person per car, we get to NOK four billion a year, explains associate professor at NHH, Torfinn Harding.

Ida Nossen, Responsible for Air Quality at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, says that they would not impose the environmental limit if it had no effect on the environment. They have not read the NHH study, but base their conclusions on, among other things, NILU.



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