Tax mistake affects 140,000 on disability


Around 140,000 people receiving disability benefits from other than NAV, mistakenly received a tax card with an overly high tax rate for 2017, informs the tax authorities.

In addition, some pensioners were also affected by the mistake.

The benefits in question come from among others, service pension and insurance, writes E24.

– There are probably around 140,000 disabled persons who have been affected, says Media Consultant Ernst Larsen from the Tax Administration. The agency has found it necessary to send out new tax cards to anyone who expects to receive disability benefits from other than NAV during the fiscal year 2017.

They should have already been notified that the tax card will be updated.

– The error has been detected and corrected. Now the tax rate should be appropriate, provided that the basic information is correct, says Larsen.

He says a smaller group of pensioners were affected by a similar error.

This is not corrected yet, and Larsen says theTax Agency therefore does not know how many people are affected yet. He said that for those affected, they will be notified of a new tax rate just after the new year.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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