The Norwegian Data Protection Authority is wary of Facebook at Work

Oslo. Director Bjørn Erik Thon.Photo: Lise Åserud / Scanpix

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority is concerned about how personal information is handled in Facebook at Work and is currently investigating whether Norwegian municipalities and companies should use the service.

In recent weeks, a number of Norway’s most famous businesses,such as Telenor, Elkjøp and Rema 1000 have signed themselves up for Facebook’s popular intranet service ,  Dagens Næringsliv writes.
The Data Protection Authority is a bit more cautious and is now looking into the processing of personal data in the Facebook system, which runs on computer servers in Sweden and USA. One challenge is that Facebook reserves the right to use the information for its own purposes.
“This means it may be used in developing other services throughout the Facebook combine , extensive profiling of employees, disclosure of information for customized marketing to third parties et cetera. In short, the Norwegian Data Protection authority are worried about whether personal information in Facebook at work are treated in a legitimate and proportionate manner, “the Data Protection Authority writes in a letter to Roros Municipality.
The Data Protection Authority expects to have finished this work within a few weeks. Until then, Bjørn Erik Thon gives this advice to workers:
– They should get their employers to tell them about the termes of the agreement they have entered into with Facebook. They should check whether they will join a closed infrastructure, just like a homemade intranet, or if they will be joining the rest of the big Facebook network.


Source: NTB scanåix / Norway Today