The Government halves collection fees

Minister of Justice and Public Security Monica Mæland (Conservative Party).Photo:Minister of Justice and Public Security Monica Mæland (Conservative Party).Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix


The Government has reduced fees and debt collection fees. For claims up to 500 kroner,  the collection fees are halved to 175 kroner. 
Fees for higher claims have also been reduced. The fees for cleanups and debt collection warnings have been reduced from 70 kroner to 35 kroner. 

The rates are reduced because automation has led to a significant reduction in the costs associated with debt collection.

“We are in the process of extensive work on the collection regulations and have sent a whole new law and regulation to the hearing. Since it will take time for this to take effect, we have now in the first place been reduced the fees and fees people have to pay,” said Justice and Emergency Minister Monica Mæland (H) in a press release.

The adopted amendments will come into force on October 1.

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