Up to 132,000 vehicles risk having their number plates removed

number plates removedNumber plates removed.Photo: Erlend Aas / SCANPIX


The Tax authority has issued a decision for  number plates to be removed and  registration  prevented for owners who have not paid their annual vehicles licence fee this year.

With 132,000 vehicles risking having their  plates removed, the proportion of unpaid licences are at the same level as in 2015,  the tax authorities informs. This is the first time the agency has sent out warnings for  plates to be removed after the takeover of responsibility for the licence fee from the customs agency in the New Year.
Everyone who are late paying the annual fee,  must pay a surcharge of 250 or 50 Nok, depending on vehicle type. When the annual fee and the surcharges have been paid, the tax authority will withdraw the de-registration decision.
If  vehicles are stopped on the roads, the number plates can be retained if the owner pays the annual fee plus an additional fee of Nok 900 on the spot. If the vehicle is de-registered and the owner later wants to get the plates back, they will have to pay an additional fee of 1.460 Nok to the National road agency.
In September the Norwegian National Collection agency will begin the enforcement against those who have not yet paid.
Any vehicle that was registered on Friday 1 January this year, must pay the annual mandatory fee for 2016. There is no exemption from the tax for vehicles that were de-registered, unless the owner delivered it for scrapping before Monday 21 March 2016. It is half the fee only if scrapped before Friday 1 July.
If the owner delivers the vehicle for scrapping in the period between Tuesday 22 March and Thursday 30 June, the tax authorities will reimburse half the fee to the last registered owner.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today



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