All sandstorm-stranded passengers to return home by Wednesday

airline NorwegianThe airline Norwegian. Photo: Norway Today Media


Airlines SAS and Norwegian expect that all travelers who have been stranded in the Canary Islands will be brought home by Wednesday.

“There are two planes that have gone to Oslo, and one to Arlanda, and then one more landed tonight in Oslo,” says John Eckhoff, SAS Norway’s press chief, to NTB on Tuesday.

In total, about 800 passengers have either landed or on their way back. Eckhoff says that three of the company’s planes that were in Las Palmas during the sandstorm are still undergoing technical investigations, but that they hope to get them used as soon as possible.

“We expect all the travelers to come home by tomorrow,” says Eckhoff.

Nine extra Norwegian flights
Norwegian is also in the process of bringing home its travelers.

“The goal is that most of those who have been stranded are returned home tomorrow, Wednesday,” Norwegian press contact Christer Baardsen told NTB on Tuesday afternoon.

Baardsen states that Norwegian has deployed three additional flights, or so-called recovery flights, since Tuesday morning, and that six additional flights are planned during the afternoon and evening.

On Monday night, two extra flights from Norwegian flew 790 passengers home to Norway.

Since Saturday, there have been major problems with air traffic to and from the Canary Islands due to the weather phenomenon known as “calima.” The combination of wind and sand dust from the Sahara has meant that the islands of the archipelago had to close and many tourists became stranded.

Ordinary scheduled flights to and from the archipelago have now started.

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