Ban on watering of gardens in Oslo

lawn wateringWatering the lawn.Photo: Trond Reidar Teigen / NTB scanpix

Oslo municipality imposes a temporary ban on watering lawns and gardens.The background is reduced capacity at the water treatment plant due to a CO2 shortage.


The nice weather in the capital is not helping to decrease the problem, since many people will use the hose to water their gardens and lawns.

“Our experiences from such hot periods as it has now been announced indicate that water consumption will increase significantly due to watering of gardens. It poses challenges for the production capacity of our water treatment plants. When the hot weather coincides with a lack of CO2, we need to introduce a ban on water use.” says Frode Hult, Deputy Director of the Water and Drainage Service in Oslo Municipality.

The municipality states that if the water treatment plant runs out of CO2, one has to send a boil water warning for the whole of Oslo, which means that all water must be boiled before drinking.

-“Latest update from our supplier Praxair is that we are to receive 11.3 tonnes of CO2 today and that the planned deliveries in the future will be enough to cover normal water consumption until mid July. But if water use is now increasing due to consumption on horticulture, we will be able to run out of this quickly,” explains Hult.

The municipality will send out SMS notification to all households from Tuesday, which applies until a new notice is given.


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  1. It is strange that a Nordic country with low population is facing water shortage. Now, people have to manage to water their lawn.

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