Blueberry season could be outstanding here

BlueberryBlueberry.Photo: Norway Today Media

Everything is set for record large amounts of blueberries this year. In Sweden, the forecasts twice as much berries as in a normal year.

Blueberry season was quite lamentably last year, and we benefit from that now.

– In bad a berry year the plants conserve more energy in the fall and form flower buds, and then this is often followed with a good year afterwards, explains senior researcher Rolf Nestby at the Norwegian Institute for bioeconomy.

Heat wave hits the flowering season

Several things have to fall before it is really bursting. Blueberries are a hardy plant, and they holds up well if it is a bit chilly. It is nevertheless important that the fall is not too cold when flower buds are formed, and temperature conditions last year laid the groundwork for it.

Once the plant is in bloom, it should preferably be warm and nice for pollination. This year a heat wave hit much of the country in early summer, just in the period when flowering took place.
– Blueberries bloom early, just as the leaves shoot out. So we depend on good weather and that there are insects present, says Nestby.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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