Broad support for keeping the Christian holidays

Broad support to keep the Christian holidaysNorefjell .Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix

Two out of three say they would rather have 2. Easter day, Ascension and 2. Pentecost day off than getting three days off at dates of their own choosing.

This is revealed in a poll made by Norstat  for Vårt Land.
Only 24 percent said they want to determine themselves when they get those days off , according to the poll.
Both Holy Thursday, 2. Easter day, 2. Pentecost day and Boxing day are “red” in the Norwegian calendar. Few other countries have so many Christian holidays. At the same time Norway has  the same level of holidays in total as the other Nordic countries .
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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  1. So many people call themselves Christians yet they lack a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The reality is Constantine created Christianity aka Catholicism to control the people and hold his throne. Catholicism was a mix of paganism and the Bible to pull Born Again Believers into paganism and Baal worship. The reality of Biblical Salvation is anyone who believes on what Jesus Christ did on the cross is a saved saint. He/She is born again and has eternal salvation. There are no good works required to be saved and that certainly includes repentance. Repentance does not even mean turning from sin, as so many religious heretics try and push. 99% of the churches in America preach a false gospel and have perverted it to the point of no return. The problem is, the people themselves are not reading the Bible because they are too busy worshiping at the throne of statism, atheism or some other ridiculous cult.

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