Burned murder victim was 49 years old from Dokka

Police car Søndre LandPolice have opened full murder investigation after the discovery of a heavily scorched man on a deserted forest road in Søndre Land in Oppland. Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix


It was the 49 years old Nils Olav Bakken from Dokka who was found murdered and partially charred remains of a campfire in Oppland. He belonged to a drug infected environments, police said.

– He has more unsettled conditions behind. They have been associated with the drug environment he was part of. He has no unsettled relationship with the police now, said police attorney Kristian Johansen from Inland police district to news agency NTB.
The relatives are informed about the case.

A neighbor has spoken to VG describing 49 years old as a quiet and pleasant man, who she often caught up with when they met.

There were interrogations and information to the police through Monday which gave investigators an idea of ??who the man could be. Identifying work of NCIS and Public Health confirmed his identity.

Burned and torn

The body was found by a dirt road in Veståsen in Southern Norway, Oppland on Saturday. It was powerful combusted, partially charred and possibly torn. There were a couple that were on road trip in the area that took the dead. Police got both autopsy and preliminary forensic investigations quickly to determine that the man was most likely been murdered.

– The preliminary autopsy report confirms our suspicion that this is about a murder, but we will continue to carry on the investigation and further interrogations, I will not go further into details about this, says Johansen.
Police initially investigate widely. Johansen confirms that so far no suspects in the case.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today