Warnings of contamination along the coast

musselsMussels is considered a treat by most Norwegians in the summer. Photo: matprat.no

The FSA warns against eating mussels in several places

There are large regional differences in the mussel alert, which applies until Friday 19th July. Gatherers in central and northern Norway are warned against eating the delicacy.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority discourages people from eating moluscs gathered in several places along the coast of Norway. People are warned against picking mussels along the Helgeland coast and Salten in northern Norway in particular.

Trondheim and Innherred in Central Norway are also singled out as areas where one should not eat mussels.

It is safe to eat mussels in most Eastern Norway, with the exception of Vollen in Asker. Further, it is warned against mussels from Sirdal, Flekkefjord, Sunnfjord and Sogn.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority weekly test mussels at 36 places throughout Norway. That to ensure that it is safe to eat the mussels. There has been no poisoning reported among those who have followed the advice from the mussel alert in recent years.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority, however, asks people to be cautious regarding gathering and eating the shells, if the advice varies from one place to the other along the same coastal area.

The mussel alert to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority is updated every Friday and applies to the ensuing week.



Sewage in the sea at Grimstad – bathing discouraged

Grimstad municipality advises people not to bathe in several places after a leak of untreated sewage in Fevikkilen.

Bathing is not recommended on Hauslandsstranda, at Bagatell Camping or the inner part of Fevikkilen, Grimstad Municipality informs.

Due to a technical failure in an overflow sensor, untreated sewage went into the ocean from 1 am on Friday until it was discovered in the morning.

There is uncertainty about the water quality in the area. Water samples have been taken.

“There are reasons to believe that the water quality will be okay before the end of the weekend,” the municipality explains.

If someone who has bathed in the Fevikkilen is vomiting or suffering from diarrhoea in the next few days, the local Municipal doctor, Vegard Vige, advice to visit a doctor. This, in order to determine whether there is a connection between the illness and the sewage.

Warns against bathing at a marina in Nesodden

Nesodden municipality warns against bathing at the Alværn Harbour.

There has been a minor leak from a sewage pipe in the ocean just south of Alværn Harbour, Akershus Amtstidende writes.

The warning is given for your safety. The municipality writes in a press release that they must follow the development. It won’t remove the warning before it is absolute certainty that the water is not polluted.

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