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Convicted of aggravated assault against partner for 11 years


A man in Telemark is convicted of aggravated assault against his partner for 11 years. The verdict states that his partner has lived under an inhuman regime in which she always has been afraid of new abuse.

The man was sentenced to three years and four months in prison in Lower Telemark District Court, according to TV 2. Four months of the sentence is suspended, with probation for five years. The 33-year-old man must also pay 120,000 kroner in restitution to his former cohabitant and sentenced to contact ban for four years.

The  accused explained in court that there were several conflicts in the relationship and that the violence was mutual.

The woman told the court that her husband has beaten her with both bat and a  leash, tightened a  hoodie around her neck until she blacked out and on one occasion he tried to put the hose on a fire extinguisher in her mouth. Another time she was shot at with arrows from a competition bow.

In addition to the violence, she was abused psychologically.

The man’s lawyer, Reidar Steinsvik, says 33-year-old is disappointed over the verdict and that they will discuss on Monday whether to appeal.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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